Family Photoshoot in Micuacán Mexico

Family Photoshoot in Micuacán Mexico

Each year during the Dias De Los Muertos holiday, our family has a reunion at La Estanzuela ranch in Micuacán Mexico

One of my favorite places for photography is our family’s ranch in the mountains in Micuacán Mexico. The backdrops are rustic and moody and the colors are deep and beautiful. A perfect setting for amazing family photos.

Setting One – Membrillo Ranch

The first location for family photos was a neighboring ranch called Membrillo Ranch owned by one of Alex’s cousins. It had been raining that day so it was overcast in the evening when we started taking photos. Just perfect!

Setting Two – Stables at Estanzuela Ranch

The following day the kids were playing in the stables so I took the opportunity to grab a few shots!

Mandy’s Birthday

Each year at the reunion, Mandy celebrates her birthday which always seems to end with Mandy getting a face-full of cake!

Setting Three – Stables at Estanzuela Ranch

After cake, we went back to the stables for some family group pics!

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