About Me

My Story

I'm a Chicago-based photographer with a passion for lifestyle and sports photography

My children prompted my passion for photography

Ever since my oldest daughter, Katya, was born, I have constantly been taking photos. My parents used to joke that we could watch my kids grow up minute-by-minute by making a flip book of all the photos I was taking. But, at that time, I was using just a Cannon PowerShot camera. I captured lots of cute snapshots. But, that’s what they were, snapshots.

My world changed when a photographer took photos of Katya at a gymnastics competition. The photos were amazing! I thought to myself, “I can do this too!!” and the rest is history. My first camera (and the camera I use to this day), was a Nikon D750. My first two lenses were a Nikkor 70-200mm f2.4 lens (my absolute favorite) and a Nikkor 20-70mm f2.4 lens. I first read “DSLR Photography for Dummies” and then the Nikon manual cover to cover.

That was seven years ago and I’m still practicing constantly and learning every day!

I focus on lifestyle and sports photography


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